5 Important Foods Strengthen Child’s Endurance

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5 Important Foods Strengthen Child's Endurance

Various studies reveal that foods that contain lots of Vitamins A and C can fight various diseases. You can provide this type of food to increase the child’s immune system.

5 Important Foods Strengthen Child’s Endurance

1. Carrots
Foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots can help the body fight infection. The carrot texture is smooth if boiled, making it easy for your little one to consume it. If your child is not interested in consuming it, try putting carrots into a mixture of fruit juices or smoothies. Children under the age of 5 only need 300 to 400 milligrams of Vitamin A every day. So, don’t give him too many vitamins in pill form, because too much will also make the child sick.

2. Yogurt
Good bacteria such as lactobacillus in yogurt greatly protect the body from disease. The content of probiotics in yogurt is also very good for the health of the digestive system. In addition, yogurt can also increase the body’s resistance to flu and other infections. You can choose yogurt toppings that contain high protein, such as beans.

3. Salmon and tuna
This type of fish has a high content of Vitamin D. Besides being able to strengthen bones, Vitamin D is very important for the immune system. Salmon and tuna that taste very good and can be processed with a variety of dishes according to your child’s taste. In addition, letting children play in the morning sun also gives Vitamin D to them and can be a way to prevent children from getting sick.

4. Spinach
Spinach is a vegetable that many kids like. In addition to its sweet taste, spinach contains Vitamin E to fight bacteria and viruses. Vitamin E can also protect children’s cells from damage. You can process spinach by boiling it or making it into a clear vegetable. The faster you process it, the more vitamins your little one can get. 5. Meat Apparently, meat is also a food that is needed to increase a child’s immune system. The content of Zinc in meat will increase cells to fight white blood infections and help fight other infections and heal wounds. This type of mineral is also present in beef and poultry.

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